Madrid Open Cities Summit

October 5th, 2016

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Paulo Valdivieso, El Retiro
Banner Open Cities Summit at Medialab-Prado, Madrid, Spain, October 5th, 2016.

Cities open to citizen innovation.

The OCS will take place the day before IODC16, October 5th, 2016 at Medialab-Prado.

"Open data secures space for citizen-driven development and greater collaboration between officials and outside actors. This can build open cities that adapt to meet the needs of their communities and businesses, rather than imposing top-down structures and solutions". International Open Data Conference Roadmap 2015

The OCS will aim to:

  • Highlight how open data is being used around the world to improve the lives of citizens at the city level
  • Facilitate knowledge exchange around open cities
  • Ideate solutions to overcome identified challenges in creating open cities.

The OCS will bring together:

  • Civil servants in charge of Open Data policies;
  • CSOs and NGOs working with data at the local / city level
  • CSOs that don’t yet work with data but want to learn how they can use data to improve the impact of the work they do at a local level
  • Data journalist
  • SMEs working in the field of Smart Cities, E-Government
  • Researchers interested in Open Data and Public Sector Innovation
  • Anyone who is passionate about using data and open principles to create positive change at the city level.


The summit will be structured in three parts


Firstly, the summit will be opening a call for posters and city managers from all over the world will be able to tell how their open data policies are helping to improve the lives of citizens.


Secondly, participants in the summit will be working in groups to ideate solutions to overcome four different challenges identified in the implementation of an open data policy at a city level: managing an open data policy, improving urban planning, mitigating climate change, and improving city competitiveness.


Finally, there will be open space to discuss the challenges and opportunities of creating an open city.


Management of an Open Data Policy

Open Data is a source for knowledge and decision making. How should a city structure teams to ensure that the publication of datasets is compliant with technical and legal frameworks?

Urban Planning

Open Data, especially geospatial data, is very useful to understand trends in urban planning. How can a city open and link data sources to improve urban planning? How can open data help in the definition of new solution for common / urban problems?


Open Data can be an important tool to fight against climate change. How can a city use open data to monitor and mitigate environmental related issues, such as pollution?


Open Data can be a source for new businesses and social projects that enhance competitiveness in a city. How can a city use open data to generate a vibrant ecosystem capable of developing new jobs and solutions for the city? How should open cities link into other broader discussions, e.g. Smart cities, Entrepreneurship?




Round Table


Auditorium, Cantina and Backyard are the spaces in the same building, Medialab-Prado.

Wednesday October 5th, 2016

Registration & Coffee 🍔🍕🍉 & Brainstorming Exercise

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Keynote: Amen Ra Mashariki, Chief Analytics Officer, New York City

City leaders panel: local issues and open data solutions, lessons learned, and setting short and long terms priorities


  • Moderator: Alex Howard, Sunlight Foundation, What Works Cities initiative


  1. Maria Jesus Luis, City of Zaragoza (Spain)
  2. Stephane Contre, City of Edmonton (Canada)
  3. Nicola Graham, City of Dublin (Ireland)
  4. Juan Prada, City of Montevideo (Uruguay)

Expert panel on what is an open city: emerging trends, scaling opportunities, strengthening networks.


  • Antonio Moneo-Laín (IADB)


  1. Barbara Ubaldi, OECD
  2. Dinand Tinholt, European Data Portal
  3. Stephen Larrick, Sunlight Foundation
  4. Jean-Noé Landry, Open North

Break 🍔🍕🍉

(Petcha Kucha/presentations) Public presentation of the eight projects developed along Visualizar'16 international workshop at Medialab-Prado (26 September - 5 October) presented by José Luis de Vicente

Cantina and Backyard

Lunch 🍔🍕🍉

Public presentations of posters


Ideathon workshops

Participants work in facilitated breakout groups to find innovative solutions to highlighted challenges by thematic areas.

  • Theme 1: Open data portals and engagement mechanisms, Dinand Tinholt, European Data Portal
  • Theme 2: Adopting the Open Data Charter Ana Brandusescu and Olivia Davies, WebFoundation
  • Theme 3: Competitiveness and economic development Laura Manley, Center for Open Data Enterprise
  • Theme 4: Smart and resilient cities Richard Gevers, Open Data Durban (South Africa)
  • Theme 5: Interdisciplinary collaboration and organizational change Katelyn Rogers, Open Knowledge Foundation Eric Reese, Johns Hopkins University
  • Theme 6: Fiscal transparency Sierra Ramirez, OpenContracting
  • Theme 7: Making city services accessible Greg Bloom, Open Referral Initiative
  • Theme 8: Standards and interoperability Oscar Corcho, Spanish Government Nico Tillie, World Council on City Data


Ideathon workshops takeaways

Wrap-up next steps

Cocktail and networking 🍔🍕🍉

Organizing Committee

Katie Clancy

Katie Clancy

Project Management Officer, Open Data for Development program at International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

Fernando Perini

Fernando Perini

Program Officer at IDRC, Perini is involved in the development of policy-oriented research projects at Open Data for Development..

Victoria Anderica

Victoria Anderica Caffarena

Project manager of Transparency of Madrid City Council driven from the Open Gov, Transparency and Citizen Participation Area.

Antonio Moneo

Antonio Moneo

International consultant on Open Data, Learning and Knowledge Management Senior Associate at the Inter-American Development Bank.

Katelyn Rogers

Katelyn Rogers

Working Groups Community Manager at Open Knowledge International, BA in Philosophy and French from UCLA.

François Van Schalkwyk

François Van Schalkwyk

Independent researcher and consultant in the fields of higher education studies, open data and scholarly communication at WWW Foundation.

Jean-Noé Landry

Jean-Noé Landry

Executive Director of OpenNorth, Canadian non-profit org. specialized in open data and civic tech. Steward of the Open Data Charter.

Stephen Larrick

Stephen Larrick

Cities/Open Data Lead at Sunlight Foundation, urbanist and advocate for open and participatory cities empowered through tech.

Adolfo Antón Bravo

Adolfo Antón Bravo

Project manager of Datalab at Medialab-Prado, PhD in Journalism, president of Open Knowledge Spain and free culture advocate.

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