Open Cities Summit

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Cities are where the action is. Today, over 50% of the world's population lives in cities and by 2050 over 2/3 of people are projected to live in urban areas.

The Open Cities Summit aims to ensure that those residents are at the center of open and smart cities efforts by bringing together leading thinkers and practioners on all issues related to cities and openness.

The Open Cities Summit aims to:

  • Reflect on challenges and opportunities of openness facing cities
  • Provide a forum and space for advancing discussion about and action on open cities
  • Create and publish action steps to advance the open cities movement
  • Create a roadmap to achieve the action steps through collaborative work

The Open Cities Summit brings together:

  • Civil servants, CSOs, and NGOs working at the local / city level
  • Subject matter experts working in the field of Smart Cities and E-Government
  • Researchers interested in Open Data and Public Sector Innovation
  • Anyone who is passionate about using data and open principles to create positive change at the city level.


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